Hi, I'm Artemis.

My main tool of expression is a camera, my craft bringing still and moving images to life. I love wildness and nature, travel and adventure. Getting lost, in the native flora of a new country or in a good book while laying in a hammock.

This website is where I share my work, photos and stories.

Welcome. I hope you'll stay a while.


I was 15 when I first laid hands on my mama’s point and shoot from the 90s. She took a photo of me and I, knowing nothing, promptly opened the back while the film was still inside. The developed film came back with a yellow orange light leak streaking across my face, and from that moment on, I was hooked. I loved the unpredictability of film and those blazing light leaks that transformed human error into pure magic. I shot constantly through my teenage years, carrying a camera with me everywhere, even to school. When I was 16 an image I made won an international competition, and the seed was sown that maybe I could spend my adulthood living a creative life. As I got older, the dream remained the same, but I felt in my heart that the big city life was no longer for me. I was in a concrete jungle, daydreaming about the abundant nature that I’d spent so much of my childhood running around in.

2018 marked a year of radical change in my life. I met my soulmate, sold almost all my possessions, packed my life into a suitcase and moved from London to rural Brazil, where I currently live by the beach with my love and our mischevious dog. My feet are perpetually bare and covered in sand or earth, while my hair is a constant tangled, wind-swept maze – just the way I like it. I make portraits and moving images for incredible human beings and their businesses, and am forever amazed and humbled by the trust with which they welcome me into their lives. I keep a blog here, where I write honestly and rawly about my life because I believe people should know how other people really feel. I believe in listening to your intuition and following your heart, and in the interconnectedness of all things. I believe that we’re all in this together, and the most precious thing we have on this Earth is human connection. We all have a part to play, a story to tell. And I’m here to help you tell yours.

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The mysterious workings of the universe, destiny, love at first sight, being separated by an entire ocean - want to hear the crazy story of how I met my soulmate?